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How to bookmark a site:

Simply drag the bookmark icon on our website to your browsers bookmark bar as shown below:
(How to enable the bookmark bar for: Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Safari )

If you are using your Android mobile phone or tablet, click on the Android icon in order to install Spidermarks for Android.

When you find a site you would like to save, simply click on the bookmark button.

On your mobile phone or tablet, use the browsers share menu. Then select Spidermarks from the available share options.

Only one click is required to bookmark the page. You can select a folder and edit the bookmark title, description and tags, but this is not required.

How to import bookmarks:

If you already have some bookmarks saved in your browser, you can easely export those from the browser by following the directions below:

Bookmark export instructions:

Firefox export
Chrome export
Internet Explorer export
Safari export

Then simply import the bookmark HTML file to and upload everything. Please be patient. Uploading a lot of bookmarks may take some time.

How to edit your bookmarks:

You can sort your bookmarks into folders, change the title, description and keyword tags or delete any bookmark. When browsing your bookmark folders simply click on the EDIT or DELETE link in order to make changes.

How to search:

We suggest you add to the browsers search engine list. Simply click the browser icon on our website and confirm when your browser ask if you want to install.

If you are using a mobile browser, simply long-click in the search bar and choose Add Search Engine. For mobile devices we recommend using Opera Mini for best compatibility with

Now you can search your bookmarks directly from your browser.

Understanding the search results

In search results, bookmarks containing what you are searching for are shown on top, results by Google below. The colored dots next to each bookmark are safety ratings from Web of trust (WOT). Green sites are considered safe, red are considered unsafe.

Below the search box there is also an option to browse your bookmarks by folder names.

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